Sandia Commercial Real Estate

Sandia maximizes the value of retail property that our clients own, use, & invest in. 

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We’ve built our business on integrity, so our clients can trust us to be an extension of their own company.


Our Strategy

Whether it's helping retail service businesses expand with new locations or managing dispositions, Sandia has honed their process for over two decades. Our client-centered approach, intimate market knowledge, use of the latest technology, and network of contacts allow us to navigate around the usual setbacks. We believe our clients' success directly reflects our company, so you can trust us to handle your real estate needs, and allow yourself to focus on your core business. Want to know more? See what we do.


Client Centered

Our business relies on our long-lasting relationships with our clients. We make ourselves personally available every step of the way to advise, act, and react.

Local Market Insight

We keep our finger on the pulse for emerging trends in Texas. Our long track record and pinpointed focus allows us to be experts in the area and stay ahead of potential opportunities.

Tailored Technology

Our latest CRE software helps us run analytics on everything from traffic counts to demographic compositions, making site selection both a science and an art.


Curated Resources

Through our broad network of clients, developers, and community leaders, we approach complex real estate needs both efficiently and effectively.

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